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Application security - Web and mobile application vulnerability protection

IBM® application security testing solutions provide preemptive protection for mobile and web-based applications. They secure apps from malicious use today and help you remediate potential attacks in the future.

IBM X-Force® research consistently reveals that a significant percentage of security vulnerabilities pertain to web and mobile applications. To address application security challenges effectively, organizations need to test software and applications across their entire portfolio—and to reduce security costs—testing and verification need to happen as early as possible.

IBM application security solutions can help your organization:

IBM application security testing products provide preemptive protection to enhance mobile and web application security, protect applications from malicious use and help you remediate potential attacks in the future.

The IBM Security application security portfolio includes:

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise - Mitigate application security risk, strengthen program management and achieve regulatory compliance.
IBM Security AppScan Source - Lower costs and reduce risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities early in development cycle.
IBM Security AppScan Standard - Reduce likelihood of web application attacks and data breaches by automating application vulnerability testing.
IBM Security AppScan Mobile Analyzer- Help secure mobile applications by detecting dozens of pervasive, published security vulnerabilities.
IBM Security AppScan Dynamic Analyzer - Help secure web applications deployed on IBM Bluemix™.