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VASCO Security Tokens

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Vasco one-time password token improve the access security to your networks and your applications. Vasco tokens generate a dynamic, time- or event-based password directly or in a challenge/response mode. With Vasco solutions, you can eliminate the risks associated with static passwords without overextending your budget. Vasco solutions are very economical thanks to the long lifespan of the tokens.

Optimal User Authentication for E-Banking Solutions, Corporate Networks and Extranet Applications

Vasco solutions are based on security tokens and easy to integrate software components (Identikey Server, Vacman Controller, Ergonomics Authentication Server (EAS), etc.) for existing and new authentication backend environments. The security level of your network and your application can be significantly improved within a few weeks. Vasco also offers soft tokens, i.e. Windows PCs, PDAs, Android and iOS devices can be used as password generators. Alternatively, the one-time password can be sent to your mobile phone in an SMS message (mTAN).

Low Cost Replacement of Existing Password Tokens

Based on the extended lifespan of the token battery (5 - 7 years), the ongoing costs of existing OTP systems can be significantly reduced. Vasco solutions operate in parallel to existing systems for strong authentication.

Please contact us for more information or a review of your requirements. Additional information about Vasco products and solutions can be found on the Vasco web pages.