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Security Awareness - e-Learning

The employees are the key to success - also for effective information security

About two thirds of security incidents in businesses or government agencies are caused by careless behaviour of employees. The more secure technological systems become, the more the employees become a central risk factor, especially if they have to cope with increasingly complex requirements in the daily working environment. Unfortunately, the security awareness of many employees is severely limited.

A high level of information security can only be achieved, if the relevant company policies are well known and applied in the daily business. The challenge remains - how can such information be conveyed in an efficient and effective manner?

Standard class room teaching is complex and expensive. Conventional computer-based training is not suitable for many participants, since the curriculum is not built on real-life scenarios. Here animated e-learning comes to the rescue.

The software solution E-SEC Virtual Training Company (VTC) helps to convey the learning content in an interactive fashion and to monitor the learning progress. Be inspired by the examples below.






Our Security Awareness Services and Solutions are focused on the employees and complement the technical and organizational IT security measures of an organization.

Security Awareness Flyer (German only).