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As a trusted security expert, Entrust provides layered security solutions that help provide confidence for consumers, enterprises and governments. More than 1,700 customers in 60 countries across the globe leverage Entrust's world-class solutions, which secure digital identities and information, as well as address the most common pain points in security-conscious organizations.

A Layered Defense

Entrust promotes layered security strategies for consumer, enterprise and government environments. Tailored for each security challenge, Entrust can deploy a dynamic range of solutions that can help protect identities and information at multiple points to address ever-evolving threats. As organizations continue to seek more advanced security solutions, Entrust is able to deliver layered strategies that are low-cost, easy to use and quick to deploy via a trio of solution platforms — Authentication, Transaction Monitoring and Information Protection.

Authentication Platform: A collection of versatile authentication solutions that help safeguard online identities.

  • Entrust Authority, a PKI solution
  • Entrust Certificate Services: SSL, EV SSL
  • Entrust IdentityGuard, the award-winning versatile authentication platform
  • Entrust GetAccess for Single Sign On
  • Entrust TruePass
  • Entrust USB Tokens

Transaction Monitoring Platform: Fit for enterprise, government and consumer implementations, this solution set helps defend against fraud by employing a software-based monitoring tool and layering authentication methods to the risk identified for individual transactions.

  • Entrust TransactionGuard for zero touch fraud detection in real time
  • FraudMart, the comprehensive fraud database
  • Entrust Open Fraud Intelligence Network, an open, collaborative fraud resource

Information Protection Platform: A suite of solutions that help deploy information security that is transparent to users and easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. Whether it's encryption for e-mail or data, this platform contains solutions to protect data at all times — both at rest and in transit.

  • Entrust Entelligence Group Share for network folder encryption
  • Entrust Entelligence Security Provider for enterprise desktop encryption/authentication
  • Entrust Entelligence Disk Security to secure disks and stored data
  • Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server for serverbased e-mail security
  • Entrust Entelligence Media Security to secure removable media devices