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Smart Card Readers for Mobile Devices

Feitian Card Reader for Apple Mobile Devices

Connected Reader Feitian iR301U, resp. iR301UL
iPhone and iPad can access smart cards with the card reader iReader 301U by Feitian. The reader supports smart cards based on ISO 7816 with the T0 or the T1 protocol. Custom solutions can be implemented with the available API and/or the software development kit (SDK). This allows to implement solutions for e.g. certificate based authentication, acceptance of payment cards or generation of one-time passwords on the iPad or on the iPhone.

The iReader 301 has the following features:

  • Dimensions 58 x 42 x 8 mm
  • Connection to the Apple device via the Apple Dock port (iR301U) or via the 8 pin Lightning connector (iR301UL)
  • USB cable included
  • Operating system iOS 3.1.3+
  • Smart cards based on ISO 7816, T0, T1, Class B, Class C, Class BC

Link to separate page for the iR301U.


iPad Cases with Integrated Card Reader
Three models, the iR301C23, iR301C24 and the iR301C25 are available.

The iR301C23 has a  8 pin Lightning connector and fits the iPad Mini. The iR301C24 is equipped with a 30 pin Apple Dock connector and fits the well known models iPad 2 and iPad 3. The iR301C25 is designed for the current iPad Air and features an Apple Lightning connector.

The models feature an integrated card reader for contact smart cards at the back. Thus, the cases support two security functions:

  • They protect the pad from outside influence
  • The integrated card reader offers access to proven security token (smart cards) and well established security technology (PKI).


Bluetooth Reader Feitian bR301
The Feitian Bluetooth smart card reader iB301 is the perfect add-on to bring PKI security to any mobile device.

This reader fits perfectly into mobile usage scenarios, where smart cards are required and convenience is a plus. With the Bluetooth interface, the bR301 can be used for iOS/Apple, Android or Windows mobile devices. The Micro-USB connector allows to use the reader connected to a PC and to charge the battery.

The smart card reader offers the following features:

  • Dimensions 64 x 85 x 13.5 mm
  • Battery 800mAh, typical run time 10-11 hours, replaceable battery
  • Micro USB connector to charge the battery and to use the reader on PC/Mac USB port
  • USB cable included
  • Data throughput 750kb/s to 1Mb/s
  • Bluetooth data encryption with AES-128

Link to separate page for the bR301.