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IBM Business Partner SecurityComprehensive IT Security for the Enterprise

Over the last years, IBM has built and integrated a portfolio of best-of-breed IT security solutions.

As an IBM business partner for Security we can offer you the following products.

SIEM - QRadar

IBM's® security information and event management (SIEM) system provides log management, configuration management, vulnerability management, risk management, incident forensics and behavioral analysis and anomaly detection capabilities. »more

Application Security - AppScan

IBM® application security testing solutions provide preemptive protection for mobile and web-based applications. They secure apps from malicious use today and help you remediate potential attacks in the future. »more

Transaction Security - Trusteer

IBM® Security Trusteer® products help detect and prevent the full range of attack vectors responsible for the majority of online, mobile and cross-channel fraud. Security Trusteer products deliver a holistic, integrated cybercrime fraud prevention platform. This platform is based on four key principles to help prevent the root cause of fraud, improve the customer experience, reduce operational impact and utilize a global intelligence service. »more

Mobile Device Management - MaaS360

Every organization needs to see and control the mobile devices entering their enterprise, whether they are provided by the company or part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. MaaS360 mobile device management (MDM) is the fastest, most comprehensive way to make that happen. »more