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Fluid Definition of AI

Think AI

  • Speech recognition: Speech recognition is also known as Speech to Text (STT) and is an AI technology that recognizes spoken words and converts them into digitized text. Speech recognition is the function used to control computer dictation software, TV voice remotes, voice-activated text messaging and GPS, and voice-activated answering machine menus.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): With NLP, a software application, computer, or machine can understand, interpret, and generate human text. NLP is the AI ​​behind digital assistants (like the Siri and Alexa mentioned above), chatbots, and other text-based virtual assistants. Some NLP use sentiment analysis to measure mood, attitude, or other subjective characteristics in the language.
  • Image recognition (computer vision or machine vision): AI technology that can be used to identify and classify objects, people, writings and even actions in still or moving images. Image recognition is typically controlled by deep neural networks and is used for fingerprint ID systems, mobile check deposit apps, video and medical image analysis, self-driving cars, and much more.
  • Real-Time Recommendations: Retail and entertainment websites use neural networks to recommend additional purchases or media that might appeal to a customer based on the customer’s past activity, the past activity of other customers, and myriad other factors including time of day and the weather. Research has shown that online referrals can increase sales by between 5% and 30%.

Machine & deep learning

  • Collect: Simplify data collection and accessibility.
  • Analyze: Building scalable and trustworthy AI-controlled systems.
  • Infuse: Integration and optimization of systems in an entire business framework.
  • Modernize: Bring your AI applications and systems to the cloud.

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