Vaadin is an established free web framework to efficiently build web-based business applications.

One of the key features of Vaadin is that software developers can write the entire application in Java. The framework includes event-driven programming as well as controls that bring the programming model closer to the models of common GUI software than traditional web development using HTML and JavaScript. Thus, in addition to a clean modular design, the framework guarantees good testability and high productivity.

Unlike classic JavaScript libraries and other front-end-heavy web frameworks, Vaadin allows the application to be implemented in the same context as the classic server-side part of the application. This significantly simplifies the technology stack of web applications. Vaadin handles the typical tasks such as provisioning and synchronization of client data, client- and server-side data validation and session handling. Vaadin’s standard components are designed for both desktop and mobile devices (Responsive Design) and can be extended with custom controls.

Vaadin is based on WebComponents. WebComponents is based on specifications that are continuously updated and developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This ensures long-term usability of the code created and the investments are optimally protected.

Our conclusion: Ergonomics has been developing Java-based solutions for over 25 years. Vaadin enables our developers to develop all the code of both frontend and backend modules in the same programming language. This standardization of the tools significantly reduces the effort involved in setting up and maintaining a software project and allows software solutions to be implemented elegantly and cost-consciously from a single source.

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