Multi-cloud platforms require multi-cloud data encryption

Mar 30, 2021

Download Forrester’s latest research report to learn why the move to multi-cloud platforms is tightening requirements for data encryption, cryptographic key management, and compliance controls.

The findings are clear: Forrester’s report Best Practices: Cloud Data Encryption makes it clear that moving to multi-cloud platforms requires a carefully crafted plan for data encryption in the cloud.

More and more organizations are venturing into cloud platforms. Their motivations include improved collaboration, less data center space requirements and faster response time to customer requests. This is leading to a growing need for unified security configurations across different workloads and applications, as well as data protection measures that can withstand modern threats and compliance requirements.

Encryption of cloud data is important to protect sensitive information and workloads. However, it must be done correctly to ensure reliable data protection and compliance.

The Forrester report Best Practices: Cloud Data Encryption highlights several critical security measures, including:

  • Using hardware security modules (HSM) to store cryptographic keys separately from cloud workloads,
  • the use of a centralized HSM infrastructure to manage cryptographic keys applied in your cloud environments,
  • the regular exchange of cryptographic keys to ensure conformity with compliance requirements and the demands of auditing bodies.