Exabeam – AI Driven Security Operations

Simplify and accelerate your TDIR for better security outcomes

Cloud-Scale Security Log Management and SIEM

Securely ingest, parse, and store data, use lightning-fast search, compliance reporting, and dashboards. Leverage powerful correlation and threat intelligence, combined with case management.

Powerful Behavioral Analytics

Machine learning-based behavioral models increase detection fidelity and automated AI-driven timelines prioritize anomalies based on risk.

Automated Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR)

An automated TDIR workflow leverages AI to identify threats, accelerate investigations, and reduce response times with consistent, repeatable results..

Easy to get started

One cloud-native platform, five powerful products. Whether you replace a legacy SIEM, or complement an ineffective SIEM solution by adding UEBA, automation, and TDIR content on top, the modular Exabeam Security Operations Platform can help you achieve security operations success.

Speed and scale

Exabeam provides a cloud-native architecture for rapid data ingestion, hyper-quick query performance, powerful behavioral analytics for next-level insights that other tools miss, and automation that changes the way analysts do their jobs. Securely ingest, parse, store, and search data at scale while processing over 2M EPS sustained. Unlike other tools, Exabeam achieves this performance parsing data at ingestion, transforming raw data into security events to support lightning-fast search, correlation, and dashboard building.

Context and enrichment

Exabeam enrichment capabilities deliver powerful benefits to several areas of the platform. Exabeam supports enrichment using three methods: threat intelligence, geolocation, and user-host-IP mapping. Armed with the most up-to-date IoCs, our Threat Intelligence Service adds enrichments such as file, domain, IP, URL reputation, and TOR endpoint identification to prioritize or update existing correlations and behavioral models. Geolocation enrichment improves accuracy with location-based context added that is often not present in logs. Outside of authentication sources, user information is rarely present in logs. Exabeam user-host-IP mapping enrichment adds user and asset details to logs which is critical to building behavioral models for detecting anomalous activity.

Open and extensible platform

Open is in our DNA. Our data collection spans 200+ on-premises products, 34 cloud-delivered security products, 10+ SaaS productivity applications, and 20+ cloud infrastructure products. We support a variety of transport methods including APIs, agents, syslog, and log aggregators such as SIEM or log management products. Validated by our partners in the XDR Alliance, Exabeam developed and maintains a Common Information Model (CIM) that adds security context to, and speeds the ingestion of, raw logs for event building, resulting in faster onboarding and adoption of new parsers using a common format. The platform includes 7,937 pre-built parsers representing 549 different products. For response automation and orchestration, Exabeam integrates with 65 vendors providing 576 response actions. 

10,089 pre-built parsers

As it is ingested, data is parsed using over 10,000 pre-built log parsers and enriched using context sources from open source and commercial threat intelligence feeds

2,500+ rules and models

Over 1,800 rules, including cloud infrastructure security, and over 793 behavioral model histograms that automatically baseline normal behavior of users and devices.

2,000,000+ events per second

Rapid log ingestion processing at a sustained rate of over 2M EPS.