OneSpan Security Solutions

Trust for Identities, Devices and Transactions

OneSpan (formerly VASCO) delivers a wide range of solutions for financial institutions and corporate environments, such as

  • Mobile- and e-banking security
  • Mobile app security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Fraud prevention

Hardware Components

  • One-Button Authenticators: Small, easy-to-use, single-button DIGIPASS devices support strong authentication with one-time passwords (OTPs).
  • DIGIPASS Card Readers support account and transaction security for electronic and mobile banking.
  • CRONTO: Users increasingly demand easier and more convenient ways to access banking applications.
  • Bluetooth: OneSpan’s Bluetooth Smart-enabled device achieves convenience for your users without compromising security.
  • Unconnected Card Readers: DIGIPASS Readers combine secret values, stored on smart cards, with DIGIPASS algorithms pre-programmed into the DIGIPASS reader.
  • Voice-enabled authenticators convert one-time passwords into speech, offering secure online banking services to blind or visually impaired individuals.
  • Display Cards are slightly larger palm size devices with numeric keypads and PIN protection, providing an additional security layer.
  • Transaction Data Signing: OneSpan’s transaction data signing solution works by creating an electronic signature unique to each particular transaction using such data as account numbers, transaction amounts and a time stamp.
    • OneSpan CRONTO® with optical data transmission.
    • PIN pad authenticators from OneSpan are the ideal password-protected personal identification devices.
    • OneSpan’s Bluetooth Smart-enabled two-factor authentication and transaction signing products support data exchange via Bluetooth.


  • Virtual DIGIPASS offers a user-friendly and cost efficient solution for strong user authentication and e-signatures. It’s as simple as entering a user ID and PIN and the one-time password is immediately sent to the mobile phone via SMS.
  • DIGIPASS for Mobile balances the need for stronger mobile application security with demands for user convenience.
  • DIGIPASS for Apps: Mobile applications are changing the way business is done, offering instant access to services for your users.
  • DIGIPASS App: two-factor authentication app that enables users to securely login to applications via their mobile device with a simple fingerprint or PIN.
  • SMS: With DIGIPASS SMS-based authentication your one-time password is sent to your portable device.

Management Platforms

  • VACMAN Controller is an API-based authentication platform that serves as a back-end for DIGIPASS strong authentication and e-signatures. It is capable of processing large volumes of authentication requests and can support mass deployments in a variety of customer interfacing applications, including – among others – online banking, e-commerce, online gaming, and web portals.
  • IDENTIKEY Authentication Server is an authentication software suite for organizations of all sizes that want to address their concerns about secure access to internet applications with a state-of-the-art solution for strong user authentication.
  • IDENTIKEY Appliance is a stand-alone authentication appliance that secures remote access to corporate networks and web-based applications. IDENTIKEY Appliance is highly suited for all enterprises that are looking to acquire a dedicated appliance for their authentication needs, without having to install and maintain a software-based solution.
  • IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance is a virtualization authentication appliance that secures remote access to corporate networks and web-based applications. IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance is an excellent choice for organizations that have developed a virtualization strategy and are looking to move their security infrastructure to a virtual environment.
  • IDENTIKEY Federation Server is a complete authentication and access management server, designed to validate user login on web-hosted applications.
  • IDENTIKEY Risk Manager (IRM) is a comprehensive fraud solution designed to help you improve the manner and speed at which your organization detects fraud across multiple channels. This enables you to take a proactive approach to fraud prevention, while at the same time making the experience as painless as possible for your users.
  • AXS GUARD is a security appliance dedicated to the needs of the SME market. The solution is designed for administrators who want an all-in-one solution for Internet connectivity and security.
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