Data Centric Encryption

An end-to-end data-centric approach to securing data at its source

The data centric encryption approach

  • Encrypt data as early as possible
  • Decrypt data only where necessary

Voltage SecureData: Format Preserving encryption

Secure Stateless Tokenization – Input format is equal to output format, but content is encrypted: Credit Cards Numbers with some clear text remaining, e.g. 4040 1234 1234 9999 = 4040 6763 0123 9999

  • Supports virtually any data types in any format: PII, name, address, dates, numbers, etc.
  • Preserves referential integrity
  • NIST standard using FF1 AES Encryption

Format preserving encryption for structured data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, company names (in tables or SaaS, such as Salesforce with Voltage Secure Data Sentry).



Voltage SmartCipher for unstructured data files, transparent file encryption

Centralized, policy driven controls for data privacy enabled through transparent file encryption.

  • SmartCipher controls and protects files by encapsulating a file with encryption and attaching their pre defined policy and access control into a single entity which is transparent to the operating system, applications and user.
  • Control usage and monitor activity in real time.

Data centric encryption as early as possible after file creation with decryption only if necessary. Files are protected throughout their life-cycle at rest and in transit.



Automated data classification

  • Classification can occur automatically based on discovery of sensitive data defined by a policy (see Discovery below)
  • Manual classification by the user is also available via a plug in for Office
  • Controls include watermarking, header/footer insertion, document borders and metadata


  • Monitor and inspect content of Office documents
  • Automatically apply policies based on content detection
  • Content rules are based upon dictionaries or regular expressions
Discovery GUI

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