Vaadin Success Story: SmartGridready

Aug 15, 2022

In order to implement the Energy Strategy 2050, intelligent power grids are needed. Via these smart grids, consumers such as heat pumps, washing machines, charging stations for electric cars, producers such as private photovoltaic systems and municipal distribution networks exchange information on current consumption (real-time data), react dynamically to cover for peak loads and overproduction situations (flexibility) and inform each other about short-term changes (forecast). If all these devices can communicate via these smart grids, the new energy world with more power efficiency and renewable, decentralized power production will become a reality. For this purpose, the SmartGridready association is developing and distributing a recognized label on which all stakeholders – from production to consumption – can rely.

One of the concrete measures is the standardization of the so-called function profiles. A function profile is a qualitative description of a group of related data points which basically describes a data interface for a range of functions. A single feature profile is tied to a device, and devices use any number of feature profiles.

Ergonomics implements a Vaadin web application that organizes the administration and classification of these Smart Grid-ready devices and the function profiles used. The tool allows manufacturers to declare their products independently and supports building planners in the selection of possible devices and solutions in order to be able to implement the smart grid functionality desired by the client.