Secure Key Management in Financial Services (TR-34, TR-31, ANSI-X9.24) – Ergonomics White Paper

Nov 07, 2022

We constantly strive to protect our values and possessions against theft, misusage and espionage. Cryptographic technologies play an essential role in protecting us against evil adversaries by establishing secure communication between trusted parties. This is especially prevalent in payment card business, e-commerce and financial industries. As technology (both friendly end evil) are constantly evolving, you not only need regular updates to the newest technologies, but often additionally a boost in knowledge and understanding.

Many people might have heard of acronyms such as HTTPS, SSL/TLS or RSA, as they are used in modern web applications. The requirements of the financial industry as well as the techniques to fulfil these requirements are related and often similar to the technologies. However, for a stringent implementation of security, a more complete view of security requirements and cryptographic tools needs to be considered.

The White Paper “Secure Key Management in Financial Services” covers the current standards and methodologies in the field of key management of electronic payment transactions. We explain the terms Key Distribution, TR-34, TR-31, ANSI-X9.24, Key Receiving Device and Key Distributing Host in the context of financial transactions.

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